5 Things have to check before buying a new Laptop.

What you should Check when buying a new Laptop

Gone are the days of the large, bulky desktop computer and rushing in is the era of the compact portable and sleek yet powerful laptop. As technology has revolutionized the new features and design of the laptop is also evolving.

Choosing the right laptop and picking up a car, both are the most important decisions of life. Although laptops are not expensive as compared to cars but your job and most important life things are made so much better by the addition of a reliable laptop. Your life becomes easier.

But selecting the right one for you can be a tough decision. There is a wide variety of sizes, features, and prices which make choosing the right laptop a challenge.

Does the biggest question arise that which things we should consider when choosing a laptop? If you are on the hunt for the best and reliable laptop you need to keep following things in your mind:

  • Processor(CPU)
  • RAM( Random Access Memory)
  • Storage
  • Battery Capacity
  • Size of Laptop


One of the most important factors while purchasing a new laptop is a processor because it is the brain. The processor has a huge impact on performance.  For simple tasks like net surfing or writing emails, “dual-core” processors are recommended. For multitasking” multi-core” processors should be used. Basically, the performance depends upon the core. The performance will be better if more cores you have.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

How much RAM do I require? It is the most frequent question asked. The overall performance of the laptop depends upon the working of RAM and CPU together. The more RAM your CPU has, it becomes easier for CPU to work hence the performance also increases


Storage in a laptop is as important as its performance. Hard disc drives (HDDs) are very cheap and better at processing larger files but they are very noisy and utilize lots of power. Nowadays Hard disc drives are being replaced by Solid state drives(SSD). They are fast, consume less energy but much more expensive. They are way more reliable than HDDs.


Another deciding factor is the battery capacity of the laptop. If the battery of your laptop is poor it will always interrupt you during your important work. So it must have a great battery life so that it lasts longer. But battery life depends upon your usage and your maintenance of it.


Some people prefer laptops with large screens for better display but they are usually larger in size and heavy so it is hard to carry them with you always. Other people give preference to laptops with smaller screens as they are more portable and lighter in weight.


Clearly, there are so many things you need to keep in mind while buying a laptop. You must consider the above things if you desire to buy your dream laptop. Now you are all ready to purchase it. Thanks for visiting this site. Stay connected with us.

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