The Difference between IPv4 and IPv6!

The specifications for IPv6 were completed in 1998 and the Internet is still in transition from the previous version, IPv4. It has been a long and needs more time process and we still have a long way to go.

IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version Four)

This is really surprising that the fourth version of the Internet protocol exists since 1983. Perhaps even more surprising fact is that it is still used for the huge majority of the Internet. IPv4 is a large internet protocol. A large number of users use this version. It uses 32 bits to create a unique IP address. It uses numbers and separated by dots to create an IP (i.e.

IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version Six)

IPv6 is a new and fully unique version of internet protocol. But very few users use it. It uses 128 bits to create a new unique IP address. It uses numbers, alphabets and separated by colons to create an IP (i.e. 2021: 07bc: 8db5: 6a86: f399: 75ca: ed6c: fa82).

How to Change IP Your Address?

There are many ways to change the IP address. But the easy way to change the IP address is to use a virtual private network (VPN). You can easily change your IP address through a virtual private network (VPN). If you use a VPN then it replaced your IP and it will be changed that time. It will make your online activities fully anonymous. Even your device is protected from malware. A virtual private network (VPN) works as a security layer. If you want more security then go for it now.

Here’s How:

Step 1: Download A Premium VPN-

Go to the order page of A VPN (If The VPN is Premium) through the link and grab a subscription. All VPN service has a lot of packages and pricing, so just choose the perfect plan according to your needs. Normally all premium VPN, You can use up to four or five devices with one account.

If you can’t want to use a premium account then use a free VPN from google play store or app store. A lot of free and well-working VPN available in play store or app store. You can easily use one of these VPN services.

Step 2: Download VPN on Your Device-

You will receive your VPN through via Email if you buy a premium account, Simply just install and setup the software. Enter the username and password and run it.

If you use free VPN then nothing to do just download and install it then without any username or password you can use that.

Step 3: Connect to a VPN Server

To change your IP or connect the VPN, first, you need to choose the location. Select the location which you want to connect from. Then just click on the “Connect” button. Boom Guys! Now you are more secure. Your IP address is changed successfully.

That’s all, Here is some information about IP address and the VPN related topic. Thank You very much! Please comment below if you want to know more about VPN or IP address.

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