Top 5 Best Drones for Travel and Leisure 2019

Top 5 Best Drones for Travel and Leisure 2019 – In today’s world, drone matters a lot. If you are a filmmaker and want to make some short films or any shooting, you need Drones to shoot beautiful scenery. If you are a cinematographer and this is your passion you need a drone for Sky view shoot. So let’s get started with some Best Drones for Travel and Leisure in 2019.

1)     DJI Mavic 2 Pro

This one is probably the most powerful drone for photography and video capture available. Some of its awesome camera capabilities are its 4K video quality, with very stable video footage; Object tracking and trajectory prediction capabilities and zoom that allows taking pictures to objects at distance of 100 meters, while being a silent witness of the landscape. Mavic 2 can also move really fast up to 72 kilometers per hour and avoid objects on the way.

Mavic 2 can be easily folded to fit in any bag and has an autonomy of 31 minutes, which puts it on the list for travelers and photographers to allow them to see parts of the landscape that till now were only to be seen by the eagles and the angels.

Price on Amazon: Around 1,500 USD

2)     Parrot ANAFI

This tiny drone can be distinguished by its impressive camera range. Its camera has 180 degrees of vertical range, which enables it to take photos in the upside direction, an uncommon feature even in professional photography-dedicated drones. It includes several fly functions for selfie fans, like orbit, movement tracking, tornado movements among other functions.

This drone, however, it’s more recommended for open environments or for advanced users, since it lacks an obstacle detection function.

Price on Amazon: Around 550 USD

3)     DJI Mavic Air

This is the more affordable drone of the Mavic Family. This model features 4K video resolution, a very small body, it has a shorter flight time of about 18 minutes.

Like other models, it can perform very interesting tricks, like tracking subjects or boomerang around them.

Price on Amazon: Around 700 USD

4)     DJI Spark

This small drone is intended for selfies, with the special feature of being controlled by hand movements. It has object track capability and standard 1080p definition camera.

This model does not fold, and the range is somewhat limited (about 2 km) if compared to previous models. It is an affordable device for leisure time, for example, as a domestic film-making drone.

Price on Amazon: Around 350 USD

5)     Ryze Tello

Tello is an educational tiny charming drone made for beginners and programming enthusiasts. It’s a very interesting achievement on its own since it’s one of the best drones of the “under 100 USD in Amazon” category. Even though this drone cannot compete directly with the previous examples, its price is very attainable for most people which opens the possibility to many more people to join the hobby. The camera is not as powerful in video applications as previous models, but I can be a decent selfie tool.

The drone can be operated using a cellphone and it’s very intuitive to use.

Price on Amazon:  99 USD


I hope you like these drones and features of these 5 drones. Hope this article can help you to find your best drones and have a good day! Thanks.

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