Top 5 Best Smartphones To Buy In 2019

Top 5 Best Smartphones To Buy In 2019 – Nowadays technology growing quickly and anyone has an android phone. No matter who you are, but anyone wants a smartphone. With this smartphone, you can see the whole world. You can get all the information with your smartphone if you have an internet connection. Let’s talk about the top 5 best smartphones to buy in 2019

Google PIXEL 3 XL

The pixels 3 XL and Pixel 3 are the best phones. You can buy now, as long as you don’t want an iPhone. The only differences between the two models are the large and notch screen and a battery on the XL.

Their best camera has always been on a smartphone, dominating all competitions in most situations. The two largest Google hardware products so far are battery life, which can be rolled back to wireless and waterproof.

Stills can be used on 3 XL, but the smallest has been marked. The phones are costing from $ 799.


Although there is a Headphone Jack, a wireless charge and no water protection. The OnePlus 6T remains one of the best phones that you can buy now. It is extremely valuable. The best examples you can expect, look good and have cameras that can compete with the competitors.

The glass construction, the unique exhibition, and the early flash work start starting at  $ 549 – a fantastic price, but you’ll get the Galaxy S9 for the same thing right now. The dual cameras are below the quality of Pixel 3, but most people don’t watch or warning.

Although their phones were always excellent, the OnePlus 6T is the best, and it doesn’t seem to be the case with which the small machine is about.


Galaxy S10 Plus is the best Galaxy Phone ever with special cameras, construction, display, and performance. The Exynos version is downloaded by the battery world that suits it.

It is also expensive from $ 999 then some, but it is an excellent event with OneUI thoughtful puzzles, daily use and more features of a stick at the stick.

If you want to spend $ 100 less, the Galaxy S10 regularly has the majority of the same features, including three-dimensional cameras and a separate screen. It could even go for the S10e, but it is another phone with a smaller screen, less battery and less camera.


It is a sign of how well Huawei phones are now that there are two in our top 5. Mate 20 Pro has a large, lively OLED screen and specially watched life and triple cameras with a small storm.

At £ 899 the Huawei’s most expensive phone remains (although you will find it difficult to buy in the USA) and you will benefit from improvements made to the EMUI Huawei software. AI features also develop camera knowledge over P20 Pro, and it adds to the 3D opening and repeating of an unwanted attack to enable other phones to be cut.

A stereo, waterproof and 128 GB storage speaker to make sure that it’s a phone that lasts into at least two or three years of use.

iPhone XS

The second generation of iPhone’s Apple iPhone is one of the most expensive phones in our list at £ 999 or $ 999, but that’s the same thing as 2017 which is now releasing as an iPhone X.

The exhibition is OLED in particular, and the features like the entire ID ID defense system ever do all that Apple has ever done. Performance is sense, very similar to construction quality. Probably the best phone around the world.

It is fast and wireless without connecting, but it only comes with a slow browser in the box. But improved battery life and stunning double cameras will make the iPhone XS larger than current if you are already interested in iPhone and iOS.

If you want a bigger screen, then the iPhone XS Max is there.

Conclusion –

So guys hope you got the Top 5 Best Smartphones of 2019. Choice is yours. I love all these features of these 5 phones. You can easily buy any of these phones. Thanks

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