What Is an IP Address?

We live in, technology world. This technology is increasing day by day. All the time we use our mobile phone to browse the internet. If you are using the Internet, then you should know, what is IP address. We can’t see our IP address. It is a numeric label of internet protocol.


What Is an IP Address?


An IP address is a numeric label of internet protocol. There are different IP addresses for each device. It’s a unique identifier for each device and also for internet users. If you using the phone then you have a unique phone number and it allows you to talk with other peoples with smartphone or telephone, in the same way, the IP addresses allow devices to communicate with each other and send data to the Internet. If you have no IP addresses in your device, then devices your device can’t connect to the internet and can’t send data alone! So every device has a unique IP address.


What is Public IP Address and what is Private IP Address?


The private address is like your own home and public address is everything outside the house.

Your Internet Service Provider provides a public IP address to your network, your router provides a private IP address within your network. They both work with the same purpose, yet they are very different from each other. This is the main difference between the private IP address and the public IP address.


Public IP Address

Your internet service provider (ISP) gives you a personal new (external) IP address that is visible for the outside world when you search something online and go online. When requesting a web page from your device or IP, your personal IP address is just sent along with that. The internet service provider (ISP) then uses this to control which web page is requested by the client. Websites will also access your (Public) unique IP address.


Private IP Address

The router automatically sends a private IP (Internet Protocol) address for each device connected to the internet. The private IP address is only shown in your LAN (Local Area Network) and allows data transfer to the requested device.

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